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Benjamin Azevedo

  • President
  • Company: Blackninja
  • Company Type: Design and Advertising
  • Website:
Biography: I am an entrepreneur, design and marketing professional. I'm a member of the Young Presidents Organization, an international association for chief executives, a father of five and a Brazilian expat living in Miami. I moved to the United States to open a new branch of my advertising agency, Blackninja. As an award-winning creative director, I founded the Brazil-based ad agency Blackninja in 2005, and I have developed advertising campaigns for global corporations based in the United States, Brazil, and Portugal.

And I'm obsessed over typography and design. I studied at Central Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design in London, and I have a background as an award-winning art director and designer for both public and private sectors. As founder and president of Blackninja (, my company developed exciting ad campaigns and marketing strategies for major global brands based in Brazil and the United States. My company finds itself on the prestigious list of Great Place to Work, the international leader in evaluating work environments.

As president of Blackninja, I have worked on the development of exciting ad campaigns and marketing strategies for major global brands. For that work, we have won several international awards, such as Cannes Festival's Act Responsible Exhibition, Lurzer's Archive, Best Ads on TV, and many others. The agency was named one of the top-three best ad agencies to work for, and it has grown to almost 100 employees with offices in three cities in Brazil. Having spent years in the advertising world, I've learned how to invest precise care for others' needs, and combine these needs with art and ingenuity to help brands, corporations and government entities thrive. Also, I've been at many creativity juries in Brazil, including M&M Brazilian Industry Awards.

I strongly believe that when you handle a beautiful business card or deliver a well-designed and fun keynote presentation, you are showing respect for the viewer. You are telling then that their time matters and that they deserve a beautiful, memorable experience. From street signage to commercial videos, websites to government agency branding, I have designed projects that are impactful and beautiful, but also meaningful. Today, I am working on unique initiatives that bring innovative solutions and creativity into our world, such as designing the interiors of poor children's hospitals (usually sterile, cold environments) and recreate atmospheres into colourful, fun and beautiful places for them.

Areas of Expertise: Online Media , Advertising , Fashion , Film/Television/Video , Photography/Art , Print , Specialty Disciplines , Radio